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YouCanGetMe is the first of the UK dating sites that allows you to see, and hear your partner before disclosing personal details and meeting them. YouCanGetMe goes much further than just exchanging text emails and still photographs. Their service enables many additional interactive features, including voice, video and virtual dating. This helps to make a more lifelike connection between people and, of course, should improve the odds of dating successfully in the real world! The other great thing about this service is that it means no more blind dates!

Unlike many other dating sites YouCanGetMe makes it easy for members to stay available to other members throughout the day. They achieve this by using automatic log-in and audio and/or visual notification features.

The end result is an online dating service that provides its members with unprecedented levels of capability, control and interactivity. These features ensure our members fully meet their social needs in a manner that fits their lifestyle.

My UK Date is one of the best new UK Online Dating sites. You may have used other international dating sites in the past but why not try one that is a bit closer to home. After all, if you live in London surely you would like to find someone who you can meet up with after work - and if you are single in Birmingham, how about online dating as a way of finding someone in Birmingham or the West Midlands. If this is your first experience of UK online dating it's a really good place to start.

My UK Date has loads of features to make that search that bit easier for you. Personal ads in themselves are great, but what you really need are lots of pictures. My UK Date gives you this along with chat and access to a secure email service so that you can keep your own email address confidential when you contact other members.

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